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It all began at the hockey rink!

The first seeds of The Gardeners' Guild of Braintree were planted at the hockey rink! Three young mothers, Lucille Barton, Peggy McCarthy and Joan Ridge used to sit at Ridge Area in Braintree watching their sons play hockey and wish they could belong to the Braintree Garden Club. They yearned to learn more of gardening, share what they learned with the community and encourage their youngsters to contribute to the community and its beautification. However, the Braintree Garden Club held its meetings during the day and these were young women with children at home. After much planning and dreaming The Gardeners' Guild of Braintree was established – to meet on the first Monday of the month in the evening. Helen McBride, a mentor to them all shared not only her knowledge of gardening and the plants in her garden, but her knowledge of Massachusetts garden clubs with the founding members. Hence, their dreams grew into the bylaws, the goals and ideals. A membership of fifty Braintree women, eager to share and learn adopted the magnolia as their logo – a symbol of perseverance, dignity and the love of nature.

The first meeting held December 1, 1975 at the Thayer Public Library with Lucille Barton as President. Each successive meeting follows the same format, always beginning with invocation, business meeting and an education session or workshop. The sharing of refreshments compliments the social side of the club. The following year, Lucille Barton, again the president began the meeting with special wishes that the members enjoy many years together gardening and sharing knowledge. 

Throughout the years, a Christmas house tour and boutique continues to weave red and green threads in the tapestry of life in Braintree. Hundreds of visitors annually schedule the first Sunday in December to view a Braintree home decorated for Christmas and to purchase the fresh greens, wreaths and handcrafted items made by the members just for the boutique.

Girls Carrying a Recycling Bin

The Gardeners Guild invites energetic persons who are eager to learn, anxious to serve and have a love of nature to join them in membership. No one has to be an expert - that is the magic of the Gardeners' Guild of Braintree - each member learns from another! Is that not the wonder of "history" throughout the ages!



Bringing Change

Fundraising Opportunities
Image by Anna Earl
Study Group


At Gardeners' Guild of Braintree, we are dedicated to improving our community. We continually strive to make a difference, and invite you to learn more about our work and lend your support.


The Gardeners' Guild of Braintree provides multiple volunteer opportunities throughout the year. From maintaining gardens throughout the community to providing plants for hospice patients.


All of our fundraising efforts enhance our community. Books and donations to school gardens, and the annual Braintree High School scholarship are major allocations. Annual donations help support Pond Meadow Park and plantings at Plain Street Cemetery, the Veterans Mall at Town Hall, Hollis Playground, the Herb and Wildflower Garden at the Thayer house and plantings at the the Marge Crispin Center beautify the community.

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